Killbuck Village BPA

January 25, 2016

Mayor Hahn swore in BPA Members Kevin Kauffman and Don Hughes to open seats before the meeting started.

The meeting was called to order by Brian Rippeth, Present were Kevin Kauffman, Don Hughes, Mike Judson, Denny Hahn and Rick Allison.

Download a PDF copy of the BPA Minutes.

A motion was made by Brian Rippeth and seconded by Kevin Kauffman to appoint Don Hughes as Board President, Don accepted the appointment.

A motion to approve the previous minutes was made by Kevin and seconded by Brian with Don voting yes.

Brian made a motion which was seconded from Don to approve Customer Balances, Bills and Customer Adjustment with Kevin voting yes.

New Business

Don made a motion for a 3% pay increase effective 1/1/2016 for Mike Judson and Steve Patterson, Brian seconded the motion with Kevin approving.

Don brought up that Nyla was having issues with communication to CUSI (Dave Taylor) as well as his concern that it all might be a waste of time if the village was switching to the new system.

Old Business

Don made some changes to the customer letters to be sent out and wanted Kevin and Brian to review it for any comments or changes. During the discussion Brian brought up that he felt that a separate letter should be drafted to the Fire Department / Township building. There is concern of just wasted water at the building with personnel washing personal vehicles, etc. Kevin recommended that the board members attend a Township meeting to discuss the concerns, Brian and Don agreed it would be a good idea. They will get information for the next Township meeting to attend.

Don also made changes to the water and sewer ordinances for Kevin and Brian to review for comments or changes.

Mike ask how the $300 clothing allowance is setup to work, this will be brought up at the next meeting when Nyla is present as well as the next council meeting.


A motion was made by Brian and seconded by Kevin for adjournment with Don approving. The next BPA meeting will be Monday February 22nd, 2016 at 7:00 p.m.