Killbuck Village BPA

March 22nd 2016

Don Hughes, Brian Rippeth, Kevin Kaufman, and Mike Judson present. Visitors: Larry Frenette, Keith Mohler, and Nic Flinner.

Motion to approve the bills and minutes from the last meeting: Brian Rippeth made the motion, Kevin Kaufman seconded with all in approval.

Download a PDF copy of the BPA Minutes.

Motion to approve the financials was made by Bran Rippeth pending the addition of the Water reserve fund and its balance to the sheet for 2016, seconded by Kevin Kaufman with all in approval.

Timesheets and customer balances were not available for review at this time due to the illness of the clerk.

Larry Frenette and Keith Mohler were present to discuss the new water/sewer rates and their water usage/billing potentials under the new system. Both were concerned about the amount of water that was recorded on their meters and therefore, the costs for that usage. The board explained the process of how the rate system was created by RCAP and the concern many residents have regarding their usage. Ways upon which they could conserve water was also addressed. Additionally, Larry and Keith both wanted to know why are rates were "so high" as compared to Millersburg and surrounding villages. The board explained the difference in population, account holders, water production, costs associated with that production, and other topics. The board also asked that they inform others about these differences as well or have those residents contact the board for clarification. After a long discussion, Mike will stop by Keith's home to check out the meter for potential leaks. The board also informed them to tell the other residents that they have been in contact with to also contact the village for a "meter check" if they have questions about their usage.

Nic Flinner addressed the board, at the request of Mike Judson, regarding his outstanding bill of $1086.00 as of this date. He is the renter of a property owned by Reuben Miller. Of the $1086.00 total, 13 months of billing charges are over 45 days past due. The board reviewed the limited payment history provided to Nic and discussed with him the circumstances related to the bill, the responsibility of the land owner, the ordinances associated with past due accounts, etc. The board agreed not to take action at this time in regard to a disconnection without first talking to the clerk about the account, payment history, the issuance of notices for payment plan violations, and several other issues related to this account. The board asked Nic to return to the BPA meeting in April to address the account and to provide an up-date to his circumstances. At that time, the board also requested Nic present a letter from his lawyer regarding the application for disability and the status of that application. The board will then address the account at that time.

In other business:

Discussion was held on the transition of billing from the current system to the new system and the possible use of a "dead month" in billing. Discussion was heard on the pros and cons of several methods of making the transition from "paying ahead of use" (current system) to "paying after consumption" (new system). The board will think about the issue(s) and discuss with the clerk at the next meeting about this transition action. Everyone agreed that a decision needs to be made ASAP to inform the public prior to the actual time of the final transition.

Discussion was also heard on the creation of policy related to the handling of "leaks" within the water system and the charging of customers based on the usage shown on the meters as a result. After discussing the topic at length, Don will write a proposal covering this topic and present it to the board and Mike for review and reform.

Motion to adjourn made by Brian Rippeth, seconded by Don Hughes with everyone in approval. Next meeting will be Monday, April 25th at 7 p.m. in the village hall.