Killbuck Village BPA

May 23rd, 2016

The meeting was called to order by Don Hughes. Present were Kevin Kauffman, and Mike Judson. Brian Rippeth was absent.

A motion to approve the previous minutes was given by Don Hughes; second by Brian Rippeth. All others approved.

A motion to approve the previous minutes, Customer Balances, Bills, Timesheets, Financial Statements and Customer Adjustment was made by Don Hughes; second by Kevin Kauffman. Brian Rippeth was absent.


Mark Proper was present to ask about the four wheeler issues that were discussed at the Council meeting on June 16th. The BPA Board informed Mr. Proper that he was at the wrong meeting and the next Council meeting is June 6th. Mr. Proper went on to inquire about the new rates for water and sewer. Superintendent Mike Judson took his phone number and will call him and go over his usage and give him an estimate of what his bill will be. Mr. Proper was also informed that those rates will probably start with the bill due July 20th.

Old Business

Argri Sludge will be hauling sludge tomorrow.

Nick Flinner made the first payment and has not made any since. Mike will go talk to him if he doesn’t pay this week.

Camera to view sewer lines will be used in June or July.

Employee Steve Patterson took his wastewater II test. No results until the end of June.

New Business

Wastewater Superintended Mike Judson reported that the Village of Glenmont would like to use the leaf vac to clean out their storm water boxes. Mike was not sure if it is a BPA or a Council item but he would like to send Steve and Brian to do it as a community helping a community – no charge unless it turns into more than a four hour job.

Wastewater Superintended Mike Judson reported that he would like to replace two fire hydrants before they break. They are on Spring Street and South Railroad Street.

Fiscal Officer Nyla Burick reported on the status of the new software and if all goes well with the billing tomorrow, we should be on track to change over to the new system at the end of June for the July 20th due date.


A motion for adjournment was made by Kevin Kauffman; second by Don Hughes. Brian Rippeth was absent. The next BPA meeting will be on Monday, June 27th, 2016 at 7:00 p.m. at the Village Hall.