Killbuck Village BPA

February 21st, 2006

Don Hughes called to order the meeting of the Board of Public Affairs. All board members were present along with Ken Dunham. Visitors included: Dale and Shirley Duncan who had been invited by the BPA to attend the meeting.

Don Hughes made a motion to approve all board minutes from the November 15th, December 19th, January 17th, and February 8th meetings. Brian Rippeth seconded the motion. All were in agreement.

Dale and Shirley Duncan were present to discuss the account balances for their properties throughout the village. Shirley Duncan addressed the board regarding her properties known as Shirley Duncan #1, #2, #3, and the Duncan Trailer Court (under the commercial account listings). Shirley was concerned that the village had over charged her the sum of two dollars per month per property for quite some time and her account balances were not in agreement with those shown by the village balance sheet.

She presented the board with a written record of her payments and the payment books with the date of payment and the bank stamp on each payment stub. After reviewing each property and the accompanying payment record from Shirley and the village, the board approved several changes to the charges recorded on the account records for property #1 and the trailer court. These changes were a result of clerical errors in the recording of payments and the calculations of balance amounts due the properties over the past few months. Following these actions, the board and Shirley were able to reach an agreement on an outstanding balance for property #3 of 4.28, property #2 of $51.52, property #1 has a credit of $6.32, and a balance of $103.36 for the trailer park. These amounts were correct as of the 2-21-06 postings. Shirley thanked the board for their efforts in resolving this matter for her. She also requested that the bank or board not accept any payments from her renters. The board informed her that this is a business issue and that it should be handled between the bank, the renters, and her. The board also informed her that the board couldn’t legally deny service to any person as long as the payments were being made to the village. Discussions continued in regard to this matter with no action taken.

Following the discussion with Shirley Duncan, the board answered questions and dealt with the issues related to the three properties located at 101 Purdy St, 495 N. Main St., and 715 N. Main St. These properties have been under the control of Dale Duncan for quite some time and have outstanding balances. Dale explained to the board that he had been trying to sell two of the properties while purchasing them himself from the original landowners. During this process, the renters (potential buyers) did not pay the water/sewer bills as agreed upon and therefore, the account balances increased. After much discussion, the board and Dale Duncan agreed to the following: 1) Dale (Shirley) Duncan will pay the balance due for the property located at 715 North Main St. by making monthly payments ($25.00 per month and starting in March 2006) until the balance of $201.64 is paid.

2) The board will review the balances of the two remaining properties and who is responsible for payment of those accounts after reviewing the lease/purchase agreements between Dale and the renters. Dale agreed to provide the board with copies of the agreements and to allow our solicitor to review them. Payment plans and any further action regarding these properties will be discussed at a later date.

During the discussion, Dale asked about possible overcharges for the year of 2004 and receiving a credit on his account. Don Hughes mentioned that since late fees had not been placed on the accounts (as required by ordinance), he considered the amounts of the overcharges and late fees a "wash out" and would support keeping the account balance at the $201.64 level. Brian Rippeth agreed with the proposal. Dale agreed to this decision.

No further action was taken regarding this issue.

Don Hughes presented members of the board with copies of the following: 1) Copies of the Arsenic Plan developed by GG&C Engineering as required by the Ohio EPA from the fall of 2005. The engineers have filed copies of the plan for the village and the plan is now on file in the village hall and with the state of Ohio. In response, Ken Dunham reported to the board the process currently being used to monitor and calculate the amount of arsenic within the Killbuck water supply. If normal trends continue, he doesn’t see a problem with the test results in the short-term, but we do need to watch the levels for possible long-term problems. 2) A letter from Gretchen Fickle (OEPA) approving the O&M Guidelines for Phase I of the I/I project. With a few modifications in the supervisory agreement between the village and GG&C Engineering, Gretchen believed the project is still "on track." 3) A letter of project evaluation from the OEPA and DEFA. This letter is to be completed one year after the project has been in service and filed with the OEPA. 4) A response from Solicitor Kim Lang in regards to past due accounts of landlords, renters, and land contract purchases. This response will be reviewed at a later date by the board and acted upon at that time. 5) A request to complete an insurance up-date with Randy Miller of Burgett Insurance to add any new equipment or facilities to our current coverage. 6) An up-date of the Water Pollution Control Loan Fund deadlines for the distribution of 2007 grant/loan monies. The board will address this issue in the near future as it prepares to complete Phases II and III of the I/I project. 7) The letter of approval for the I/I project from DEFA. DEFA issued this letter after the completion of a limited environmental impact study involving a "test group" of village residents.

Don also mentioned to the board that so far he has received many positive comments regarding the letter of February 6, 2006. The letter was sent all residents of the village explaining the reasons for the approved increase in sewer fees effective March 31, 2006. The letter also gave a brief history of the I/I project and why action had to be taken quickly regarding this matter.

Brian Rippeth and Kevin Kauffman reported on the pre-bid meeting that was held previously that afternoon. There were no major issues and the interest in the project was good. Both members believed that the meeting went well and that the process is moving along quickly. The bids will be opened on March 7, 2006 at 3 p.m. in the village hall.

After discussion among the board members, Don Hughes made a motion to adjust the 2006 budget by reporting an additional $18,866 in income (as a result of increased used fees), increase the line item for the sewer rehabilitation project by $6,550 (new balance of $15,150), and reducing the sewer reserve account balance to $15,000 (a reduction of $5,000). Kevin Kauffman seconded the motion. All were in agreement.

Ken Dunham reported to the board that the company that cleaned the new water tower a few years ago has contacted him about cleaning it this year. The cost would be slightly less than $3,000 for the cleaning. The board agreed to delay this until 2007 due to budget constraints within the water department. Ken also stated he will reschedule his certification meetings to earn his contact hours for renewal. The first meeting was missed due to the his required attendance at the board meeting held on February 8th, 2006 with members of OEPA, DEFA, and GG&C to discuss the O&M portion of that meeting. Mike Judson is progressing with his classes and contact hours. He will take his wastewater II test in May 2006 and will complete his contact hours shortly before that time. Ken requested the board purchase 6 manhole risers to bring a limited number of manholes up to street level. Brian Rippeth motioned to approve the purchase of 6 risers. Kevin Kauffman seconded the motion and all were in agreement.

The board requested that Ken and Mike remove the dirt pile located near the Carol Davis properties. The dirt had been left there following a water main break last year and the property owner wanted some of the dirt to repair the property. The board also asked about removing the fence and piping around the old water tower. It was decided to remove the items when the weather permitted. A discussion was held regarding the water meter and actual water usage at Finish Line Auto Body. The meter readings show a use of approximately 100 gallons per month. The board and employees are questioning this amount since the business is a detailing/auto finishing shop and they should be using large amounts of water. The board will look into this situation in the near future and make a decision after that.

Kevin Kauffman made a motion to pay all bills, approve timesheets, financials and customer balances (as amended by the board following the discussion with Dale and Shirley Duncan). Brian Rippeth seconded the motion. All were in agreement.

The next meeting of the Board of Public Affairs will be Tuesday, March 7th, 2006 at 3 p.m. in the village hall. The purpose of the meeting will be the opening of bids related to the I/I project within the village. A board workshop will follow the meeting to review current Board of Public Affairs ordinances and resolutions.

Brian Rippeth made a motion to adjourn the meeting. Don Hughes seconded the motion with everyone in agreement.