Killbuck Village BPA

May 16th, 2006

The meeting was called to order by Don Hughes. Present were Kevin Kauffman, Don Hughes, Brian Rippeth and Ken Dunham. Guests present were Bill Snyder, Rick Allison, and Bill Kammer and Mike Carder from GGC.

Bill Snyder was present in response to a certified letter he received regarding when he was going to finish taking down the water tower. He apologized for not responding to phone calls in the past. Says he had left word in December that he would return in June to finish the job. He will start his break from teaching in early June and plans on being here June 5, and staying until the job is finished, which will probably take 2-3 weeks. He will send a signed letter stating that he will be done by June 30.

Bill Kammer the engineer from GGC stated that he had contacted Kokosing about the supposed blockage, and requested they come down when he can be here with a television camera. Bill stated that Kokosing is willing to dig up and fix this area now. Bill thinks this will cost about $6000. Bill suggests that we get the camera in and see the results before we make any decisions. Not sure why we have not received a copy of the AAA tape, which shows the blockage.

Vic is looking to be here on the 22nd.

Gretchen Fickle from DEFA wants to come in on the 25th and meet with the engineer and EPA.

Mike Carder discussed funding for Phase 2 & 3; he thinks we should try for ARC and Issue 2 for this project. He asked if we wanted GGC to do CDBG Competitive Water/Sewer Grant. Don Hughes made a motion to have GGC apply for the grant for us, Kevin Kauffman seconded the motion, all approved.

Don Hughes asked Mike Carder to verify what we owed GGC. BPA is unsure of whether or not $3500 invoice had been paid. Mike will check into this matter and e-mail Don to let him know our balance.


Don Hughes stated that his certified letter to Bobbie Angle about past due amount was received by Bobbie’s father and his father does not know where he is, has not had contact with him for several years. Don will continue to try to find him.

Don Hughes reported that the lien on Southside Mo’s has been cancelled. The account is almost caught up, and Kevin and Don felt that he would continue paying.

A motion was made by Don Hughes to accept the financials, customer balances and time sheets, seconded by Brian Rippeth, approved by all.


Brian Rippeth found an ad in the Daily Record for someone to take the old barn down. He will contact them to get more information.

Gretchen Fickle wants to meet on June 6, 7, or 8th around 3:00 or 3:30 p.m. Don e-mailed here to tell her any of those dates was okay, and has not heard back from her.

Ordinance was read last night.

Ken Dunham reported that the flow meter had been calibrated, reads higher now. Repair person was surprised that it still worked, says they are usually good for 10 years, ours is 17 years old. Ken thinks we should plan on replacing it early next year.

Nothing has been done by Dick Uhl on Water Street house to re-route sump pump. This sump pump needs to be shut off by next Monday for Phase I work. Ken is to get in touch with Dick and tell him it needs done by Thursday noon, or we will do it charge him.

Mike Judson has his sewer test coming up.

A motion to pay bills was made by Brian Rippeth, seconded by Kevin Kauffman, approved by all.

Kevin Kauffman made a motion to adjourn the meeting, seconded by Don Hughes, approved by all.