Killbuck Village BPA

July 18th, 2006

The meeting was called to order by Don Hughes. Present were Kevin Kauffman, Don Hughes and Brian Rippeth. Reading of the Minutes of 6/20/06. Don Hughes made a motion to adopt minutes from the last meeting, to pay bills, approve Timesheets, Customer Balances, and Financial Reports. Brian Rippeth seconded it, all approve.

Visitors were Rick Allison.

Discussed customer Balance sheets and what to do about Finish Line Auto. Don Hughes will type and send a certified letter instructing him to contact us within 10 days or we will proceed with legal action.

Mike Judson is requesting to take his Wastewater III test which has a $45.00 fee due by 8/9/06. Motion to approve by Don Hughes and seconded by Brian Rippeth. All approve.

Bill Snyder sent a letter to BPA regarding the water tower teardown, which is still not complete and the cemetery lawn is torn up. Snyder has packed up his equipment and left the site. BPA is advising him that he has till 8/4/06 to complete the project or the BPA will not pay the remainder of the contract due. ($4050.00) Kokising is trying to transfer the film from the cameras to video so we can locate bad laterals. Kokosing gave 3 alternatives to fixing the laterals. We have enough money to line approximately 10 bad laterals. Kokosing has already been given a 3 month extension on the project due to the recent rain. The water table has been too high to do the camera work.

Brian Rippeth made a motion to have Ohio Rural Water come in next week to try to get the camera work done @ 75 cents per foot. Don Hughes seconded and all approve. Don will contact Kokosing to let them know we are dong a retape of the laterals and to let them know that we will be going with alternative #3. Motion to approve a 3 month extension on the project through 10/03/06 for Kokosing made by Kevin Kauffman. Seconded by Brian Rippeth and all approve.

GG & C wants to amend plans to add more charges for designs that had already been done. They can’t come to do the income survey until July 24th. They must do 200 households to qualify for the ARC grant. Survey needs to be done ASAP as the ARC grant is on a first come first serve basis.

BPA is considering taking legal action against GG & C. They are supposed to be finding all the grant money but BPA seems to be doing all the work. Discussed switching to another engineering firm. (Engineering Associates.) BPA is meeting with our solicitor tomorrow to see if she can do anything about the change order mentioned previously. Kevin Kauffman made a motion to enter into the amended contract with GG & C for Phase II of the Sewer line Replacement project contingent upon what they discuss and decide at the solicitor’s meeting tomorrow. Seconded by Brian Rippeth and all approve.

Brian Rippeth and Mike Judson went to Akron to look at a Jet truck for sale. It is a 1997 with 175,000 miles. Seller won’t decide until December 2006 whether or not they will sell the truck. Price is approximately $30,000 to 35,000.

Bob Ling started work on his new trailer park this week.

Kevin Kauffman made a motion to adjourn the meeting. Brian Rippeth seconded it, all approve.