Killbuck Village BPA

December 19th, 2006

The meeting was called to order by Don Hughes. Present were Kevin Kauffman, Don Hughes, Ken Dunham and Brian Rippeth. Visitors were Mike Betts of GG & C Engineering.

Don Hughes made a motion to pay bills, approve timesheets, Customer Balances, Financial Reports and adopt minutes of 11/14/06 meeting.. Brian Rippeth seconded it, all approve.

Mike Betts of GG & C Engineering read change order #3 for Phase I of the I & I Project to extend the completion date to 02/07/07. Kokosing has already approved the changeorder. All the work depends on the water flow tables. Mike went to the OPWC meeting last week and Killbuck was 5th in the small government category, and in priority points we were in 6th place. Killbuck will be re-scored at the state level and it is still looking favorable for us to acquire some loans and grants.

Board discussed with Mike the meeting of three weeks ago with Don Myers of Omega. Killbuck is at 46% affordability for Killbuck. We have an LMI of 64%.

Motion to resend Resolution 2002-05 dealing with shutoffs after three months delinquency and to replace it with Ordinance 2006-03 compiling and updating water and sewer charges made by Don Hughes. Motion seconded by Brian Rippeth. Any delinquency of 90 days or more will receive shutoff notices.

Per Rance Wilcox, water is to be shutoff at the Moose Lodge to prevent freezing.

Clerk will call Wayne Mullet’s office regarding the building where Assessa was located. They are to be informed of the minimum use fee and to find out whether or not there will be heat in the building.

BPA added Heather Wilson Koch’s delinquent account to the B & S Recovery file.

Gretchen Fickle was here this week. She very strongly suggested that we complete our project with a Phase II. No Phase III.

Our arsenic levels are up a little.

The new jet vac truck deal has fallen through. Brian Rippeth has called around to get new prices on other used trucks($50,000 to 70,000).

We need to call Steve Sommers to get an address for the future water plant site.

Motion made to pay Mike Judson’s application fee to take his water II test ($45.00) by Don Hughes. Seconded by Brian Rippeth and all approve. His Wastewater II license can be hung in May 2007, but his Wastewater III can’t be hung for 17 months. Mike needs one credit hour to cut 2 years of wait time off.

Check valves are ordered. They have a 30 day leadtime.

Don Hughes made a motion to adjourn the meeting. Brian Rippeth seconded it, all approve.