In 1809 Abraham Shrimplin came to Holmes County and entered a land claim for both he and his brother Samuel. The following year he erected a shelter approximately 1 ½ miles west of present Killbuck. He farmed and eventually established a trading post serving other settlers and Native Americans who traveled the Killbuck Creek.

Approximately 8 years later several settlers moved into the local area. In 1821 a saw and grist mill along the Killbuck Creek was begun. Thus the settlement came into being as a community. As the settlement grew the name changed from Shrimplin’s settlement to Oxford, then to Palladium and finally in 1874 to Killbuck.

-Submitted by George Smith

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The first question was: What U.S. President spent a night in Killbuck?

Answer: President Roosevelt

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The second question is: What type business was first located in the Village Hall building?

Answer: Butcher Shop.