February 19th, 2013

Recital of the Pledge:  The meeting was called to order by Mayor Denny Hahn. Council Members Rick Allison, Jeremy Scheetz, Lisa Kauffman, Tim Carter, Dave Tennant and Cindy Swinehart were present. Also present were Street Commissioner Brian Rippeth, Michael Hammond of WKLM and Kelly Mohr of the Daily Record.


Approval of the previous meeting minutes was given with a motion by Tim Carter; Dave Tennant second.  All others approved.



Citizen’s Comments / Visitors



Old Business

Council Member Lisa Kauffman reported that Joyce Paolucci called and reported that the Arlof Gump house where the cats are is up for sale.  Joyce has set up traps and the cats that are caught are being spayed and neutered.  Mayor Hahn stated that the key would be to keep control of how the cats get into the Village because after the last meeting someone brought in a cat a dropped it off. Council will support the Paolucci in any way that they can.


Council reviewed the renewal prices for health insurance for the employees of the Village. A motion to accept was given by Rick Allison; second by Dave Tennant.  All others approved.


Street Commissioner Brian Rippeth reported that the village hall building siding has been repaired.


Council Member Lisa Kauffman reported that the Library apartment is still available.

Ordinances & Resolutions


Village Committees

Finance Committee will meet on March 4th at 6:30 p.m. prior to the Council meeting at  7:00p.m.


New Business

Mayor Hahn recommended that the Village Council renew Nyla Burick as Fiscal Officer. A motion to accept was given by Tim Carter; second by Rick Allison.  All others approved.





Mayor Hahn reported that he spoke with Arnie Oliver about the CDBG and submitting the contract for zoning under the CRA.  Arnie will submit the contract to the county commissioners.


The Mayor also reported that Mayor Huebner at the Village of Millersburg's next meeting on February 25th at 7:00p.m. is going to discuss having the village under one energy plan to save money by getting the best rate.  This is similar to trash contracts etc. The difference is that it needs to go to the voters and be voted on.  This would give the whole community a lower price.  Mayor Hahn will attend the meeting to see if this is something we would like to consider.


Also the Mayor discussed that there have been some village residents who have never paid village taxes and then when they filed their taxes they are having to pay three years worth of income tax. The Mayor requested that the Fiscal Officer call Regional Income Tax Agency, who collects the village tax, and see if we can obtain a list of people who are filing so we can notify the ones who are not filing.





Street Commissioner

Street Commissioner Brian Rippeth reported he is getting a little low on salt.  He has enough salt for three or four more snow events. He would like to hold off ordering if he can because he would like the salt bin to be empty at the end of the season so he can clean it out and repair anything that needs it.  What he would like is for the Council to give him permission to order 20 tons salt if he needs it. A motion to allow Brian to order 20 tons of salt when and if he needs it was given by Rick Allison; second by Cindy Swinehart.  All others approved.




BPA is hoping that all meters will be installed in a few weeks.  The water plant is up and running.


Council Member Rick Allison inquired about when the reading of the meters will start.  Brian Rippeth reported that RCAP will do a study on water usage and rates.  RCAP will be at the BPA meeting on Monday the 25th at 7:00p.m.


Executive Session






A motion was made by Dave Tennant; second by Cindy Swinehart for adjournment. All others approved.


The next council meeting will be Monday March 4th, 2013 at 7:00 p.m. at the Village Hall.


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