June 3rd, 2013

Recital of the Pledge:  The meeting was called to order by Mayor Denny Hahn. Council Members Rick Allison, Jeremy Scheetz, Lisa Kauffman, Tim Carter and Dave Tennant were present. Also present were Street Commissioner Brian Rippeth and Kevin Kauffman of the BPA, Michelle Simmons of WKLM and resident Don Meehan.


Approval of the previous meeting minutes with corrections was given with a motion by Dave Tennant; second by Jeremy Scheetz. Tim Carter abstained.  All others approved.



Citizen’s Comments / Visitors

Don Meehan was present to discuss the notice he received about having to connect to the Village sewer system.  He lives on the north side of the Killbuck Creek across the route 60 bridge and he was asking if the sewer line was going to run on his side of the creek.  Council assured him that he would not have to connect as the line would not be on that side of the creek.  He was sent the notice because he receives water only from the Village.  Any resident that receives water or sewer only services was sent the notice.


Old Business

Mayor Hahn reported that he spoke with Tom Wilke about the CRA and we should know by the June 20th meeting.


The raising of route 60 final invoice has finally been completed with a final number.  After much emailing back and forth it was concluded that we still owe Menuez Excavating $2,380.00 due to the extra work we requested.  A motion to paid Menuez Excavating was given by Rick Allison; second by Tim Carter.  All others approved.


Mayor Hahn reviewed the Village mowing ordinance with the solicitor and the solicitor said before we can mow and charge the owner of a property we have to contact the property owner first.  If we give notice at the beginning of the year to the owner of an abandon property through an ad in the paper that is run for two weeks it will then cover the whole fiscal year and we can mow and place the cost as a lien on the property tax. Also discussed with the solicitor was the boarding up of an abandon property which unless it falls under many different criteria we cannot do so.  We also cannot restrict trailers if they are not on a foundation.


Letters will be sent to home owners who need to mow.  Currently it is Schlabach Heritage LTD for property at 208 S. Main Street, Myron Parrish for property at 455 South Main Street, and Critchfield & Critchfield Attorneys for 249 North Main Street.


The continuing issue with the billing from Champion Energy and AEP was updated.  Mayor Hahn had emailed the contact person who signed the Village up for the reduced rate and after several emails back and forth they would like us to email them our old bills so they can review.  We also need to check the contract we have with them and see what our options are and what it would cost to exit the contract.


Council President Rick Allison reported that Grant Fox could be interested in either the vacant Council seat or the vacant Park Board seat.


Ordinances & Resolutions


Resolution 2013-03 Tax Budget for 2014

3rd and Final Reading

A motion to accept was given by Rick Allison; second by Lisa Kauffman.  All others approved.


Village Committees




New Business

Council Member Lisa Kauffman reported that the grand reopening of the Duncan Theater was a success.


A motion to move $300 from Council Contracted Services to Council Supplies and Materials was given by Lisa Kauffman; second by Rick Allison. All others approved.




Board Member Kevin Kauffman reported that at the Park Board meeting held May 30th that there was not enough members present to vote on several items on the agenda as another member resigned and he was asking the Council to approve the following:


The park is in need of a new popcorn popper. The cost is $439.00 and the little league is willing to pay $200 of it with old popcorn popper being donated to the youth group at the Methodist Church.


The painting at the park that has been discussed was reviewed at the park meeting and the painting will be done by volunteers except the painting for the concrete as this needs to be done by a professional.  It will cost about $800.00.


Also needed is a new volley ball net at a cost of $180.00.  The old net will be used for the mud pit for when they have mud volley ball.


These three items were given a motion by Rick Allison; second by Tim Carter.  All others approved.


Also discussed was that A & S Construction offered to replace the roofs with tin at no cost if we paid for the tin.  The estimate for the tin was $7,100.00 plus $475.00 to remove the shingles. Council reviewed the Park budget to do all of this will be more than the budget for the year.  Mayor Hahn suggested that we check on pricing materials on our own and see if we can fine tin for less.  Rick Allison said he would measure the buildings to get the square footage needed.  Then Council will review again.


Little League will be wrapping up in a few weeks.








Street Commissioner

Street Commissioner Brian Rippeth reported that the storm sewers are in and the concrete will come tomorrow so  N Main Street will still be closed until Wednesday install the storm sewer. Steve from Melway Paving will be here on Wednesday morning to give a price for paving on North Main Street and North Railroad Street.


The BPA will hold an open house for the new water plant on June 8th from 1 to 3 in the afternoon.


Executive Session

Fiscal Officer Nyla Burick asked the Council to go into executive session regarding personnel issues.  A motion to do so was given by Lisa Kauffman; second by Rick Allison.  All others approved.


A motion to exit executive session was given by Tim Carter; second by Dave Tennant. All others approved.


A motion to accept three corrective actions from the state auditors:

To do a transfer back to general fund from street fund the amount of income tax given to the street department that exceeded the 25% that Council approved and then to accept the change to 30% income to be given to the street department retroactive to January 1st 2013 and to give back the 5% that was given in error in 2011 and 2012.

Tim Carter approved, second Dave Tennant.  All others approved.





A motion to approve bills was given by Dave Tennant; second by Jeremy Scheetz.  Tim Carter nay. All others approved.


A motion to adjourn was made by Dave Tennant; second by Tim Carter. All others approved.


The next council meeting will be Monday June 17th, 2013 at 7:00 p.m. at the Village Hall.


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