November 18th, 2013

Recital of the Pledge:  The meeting was called to order by Council president Rick Allison.  Council Members Jeremy Scheetz, Lisa Kauffman, Dave Tennant, Pat Mishler and Tim Carter were present. Mayor Denny Hahn was absent.  Also present was Street Commissioner Brian Rippeth, Christopher Jones and Curt Murray Sr. of Pride of the Hills.


Approval of the previous meeting minutes was given with a motion by Pat Mishler; second by Jeremy Scheetz. Tim Carter abstained.   All others approved.



Citizen’s Comments / Visitors

Christopher Jones of Gatherco Inc. was present to report that his company has obtained the right of way for the gas line through the Save and Serve property.  He would also like to use the Village right of way so that the line would be between the Villages and Save and Serve and that way neither property would need to be completely torn up. They also need a permit to bore under both road ways. This will be taken to the solicitor’s office for approval.


Curt Murray Sr. of Pride of the Hills was present to discuss the changes coming for that facility.  Pride of the Hills has purchased 9 plus acres across County Road 35from their current location and built a stairway up the bank so employees have access to that section which is being used for parking and storage of finished products. Mr. Murray was present to discuss some issues with this arrangement.  County Road 35 is dark in the early morning and evening this time of year and he has around 80 employees who are crossing the road at these times.  He is requesting some signs for pedestrians and some lights to make the people crossing more visible. Pride of the Hills has also purchased an additional 1 plus acres in front of this parcel of land that includes the entrance to the Ling Trailer Park.  Mr. Murray is wondering if there is any way to reroute County Road 35 using that land or some other arrangement.  He is just asking the Council to consider any options that could come up.  Pride of the Hills is currently building an additional building of 60,000 square feet that will be the assembly line and should be completed by March of 2014.  All office staff will be moved to the Killbuck location from Big Prairie. He plans to add an additional 100 jobs.  Mr. Murray also inquired if a 25 mph sign could be placed on County Road 35.  Council will take that to the County Engineer, Chris Young.


A motion to install a street light at the top of the stairway on County Road 35 was given by Rick Allison; second by Lisa Kauffman.  All others approved.


Old Business

Christmas tree at the park will not be lighted this year as the Village has no way of reaching the top part of the tree to string the lights.  Council Member Lisa Kauffman will work on a solution to this issue for next year.


Ordinances & Resolutions



Village Committees



New Business





The restrooms at the Park are closed for the winter and the newly planted grass seed is growing.






Street Commissioner

Street Commissioner Brian Rippeth reported that all the Christmas lights are up and that he had to restring all of them.  They will be turned on the day after Thanksgiving.


Brian also needed wire to run an electric line to light the Christmas tree that will be on the square.  After calling around he decided to run extension cords for $66.00.


Brian would also like to purchase a garage door opener for the second garage door in the street garage.  He will get prices.


Brian also presented a quote for Main Street project that was discussed to widen Main Street with a bike path and new curbing.  The state would pay 80 % of the cost for anything on North Main Street but not South Main as that is not part of the bike path to downtown.  To take advantage of the funding the Council would need to write a letter by February 1st, 2014 and then the Village would know if we would receive the funding in August 2014.  A meeting with Engineering Associates will be needed to go over the cost of the project.  The North Main Street materials alone are $358,000 of which there will be additional costs for engineering and so forth.  There will be more details after the meeting.





Executive Session






A motion to adjourn was made by Dave Tennant; second by Tim Carter. All others approved.


The next council meeting will be Monday December 2nd, 2013 at 7:00 p.m. at the Village Hall.


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