Ordinance 2010-10

Ordinance to Provide Salaries and Wages for Elective Offices, Salaried and Hourly Employees of the Village, and to Define Vacations, Sick Leave, Holidays and Other Benefits

WHEREAS the Council for the Village of Killbuck, Ohio desires to amend the ordinance which governs the salaries and wages to be paid to officers and employees of the Village as well as other employment policies; now therefore

BE IT ORDAINED by the Council of the Village of Killbuck, County of Holmes, State of Ohio;

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SECTION l.  Salaries and Wages.  The maximum salaries and wages paid by the Village for services rendered shall be as follows effective immediately and for subsequent calendar years until changed by ordinance or other action of Village Council:


Mayor                                                              500.00 per month

Council Member                                             30.00 per meeting

Board of Public Affairs, Member                   30.00 per meeting




Fiscal Officer                                                  1,200.00 per month




Superintendent Water/Sewer                        21.12 per hour

Assistant Water/Sewer                                  14.00 per hour

Street Commissioner                                     14.61per hour

General labor -   all departments                       7.30 per hour


Miscellaneous and                                           7.30 per hour

Temporary Labor


The Fiscal Officer is authorized without further Council action to make any future adjustments necessary to ensure Village compliance with Federal and State minimum wage requirements.




The Water and Sewer Superintendent, and Street Commissioner shall each be paid for two (2) hours at the effective hourly rate applicable to each for any Village meeting at which such person is required to be in attendance.  Village Council, or the Board of Public Affairs in the case of the Water and Sewer Superintendent, shall determine, in its sole discretion, as to whether attendance at a particular meeting is required.


SECTION 2.  Definitions; Pay Dates.



(A)         Work week is defined as a period beginning at l2:0l o'clock A.M. Monday morning and ending Sunday night at l2:00 o'clock midnight.  An employee shall be considered full-time if regularly scheduled to work more than thirty hours per work week.


(B)         Daily time sheets shall be maintained in all departments and the same shall be turned into the Fiscal Officer, on a bi-weekly basis.  The Fiscal Officer shall compute the earnings of each employee, and shall pay hourly employees four (4) days after time sheets are turned into the Village Fiscal Officer, or the first business day thereafter.  The Village Fiscal Officer and Mayor shall be paid on the first day of each month, for the previous month, and all Council Members shall be paid quarterly.


SECTION 3.  Vacations and Holidays.


(A)         Vacation time shall be granted to full-time employees in accordance with the following schedule:


After l2 months continuous service         2 weeks each year

After l0 years continuous service              3 weeks each year



Vacation requests shall be submitted to the Mayor, or to the Board of Trustees for Public Affairs in the case of the Water and Sewer employees, for approval.


Employees should use their vacation time on or before their anniversary hire date each year if possible.  If such vacation is not used, employees will be paid for such unused days in lieu of time off for vacation on the anniversary hire date.


In the event that employee decides to terminate employment with the Village and gives two (2) weeks notice of such termination, the employee will be paid for any unused vacation time remaining.  If the required two (2) week notice is not given, the employee will not receive payment for unused vacation.


(B)     Full-time employees will be paid for the following legal holidays:


New Year's Day                                           Labor Day

President's Day                                            Thanksgiving

Veteran's Day                                              Martin Luther King Day

Memorial Day                                              Christmas Day

July 4th                                                       Personal Day


In the event an employee is required to work on one of the above listed holidays, the employee shall be compensated at a rate of one and one-half (1 1/2) times per hours worked.


SECTION 4.  Sick Leave.


All full-time employees shall receive twelve (l2) days of sick leave per year; however, unused leave shall not accumulate in excess of ninety (90) days for any one employee.  Each absence shall be substantiated by a written statement from the employee, and delivered to the Mayor or to the Trustees for Board of Public Affairs in the case of the Water and Sewer Employees; provided, however, that in their discretion the Mayor or Board of Public Affairs may request a physician's certificate from the employee for absences due to illness or treatment.  A physicians certificate shall be required for all absences of more than three (3) consecutive days.


In the event that employee decides to terminate employment with the Village and gives two weeks’ notice of such termination, the employee will be paid for 25% of sick pay which has accrued as of the date of termination, not to exceed the ninety (90) day maximum as provided for in Section 4, herein.  If the required two (2) week notice is not given, the employee will not receive payment for sick time accrued.



SECTION 5.  Other Benefits.


(A)     All officers and employees shall receive a travel allowance of $0.40 per mile for travel on village business and shall also be reimbursed for up to twenty-five dollars ($25.00) per day for meals while traveling on Village business.  In order to receive such reimbursement for mileage and/or meals, receipts shall be turned in to the Village Fiscal Officer no later than thirty (30) days after the occurrence of such travel and/or meals.


(B)     The Village of Killbuck currently provides life insurance up to $25,000.00 and health insurance to its full-time employees.  Such insurance coverage shall be effective upon the first day of the month following the employee=s start date.


(C)          The Village of Killbuck will set aside a maximum allowance of three hundred dollars ($300.00) per fiscal year for each employee to be used towards the costs of dental or eye appointments.  Said allowance may not be used for an employee=s family member.  A copy of a dated, paid receipt from a dental or eye professional must be submitted to the Village Fiscal Officer to receive reimbursement.  All receipts must be submitted on or before December 31 of each year and only expenditures from the current year shall be considered.  Any unused portion of the allowance will not be carried over to the following year.  The Village of Killbuck reserves the right to amend or terminate this policy at any time in its sole discretion.


(D)     The Village, or its Board of Trustees for Public Affairs, may, from time to time and with prior approval of Village Council or the Board, as the case may be, pay, or reimburse the employee for paying, Continuing Educational Expense.  Such approval is in the absolute discretion of the Council or Board.  Continuing Educational Expense is intended to be for the benefit of the Village and its residents by enhancing the skills, expertise and certifications of the Village employees in anticipation of the employee’s continued service to the Village.  For that reason, upon an employee ceasing to be employed by the Village for any reason, the employee shall reimburse the Village for all Continuing Educational Expense paid to employee or on employee’s behalf within a period of two (2) years prior to the date of employment termination.  Such reimbursement shall be made within thirty (30) days of the date of termination, and the employee’s final paycheck or any other sums due employee may be held pending reimbursement.  Coursework or training required by local, state, and federal agencies that is required to maintain current licensure levels or job position may be exempted by the Village, or its Board of Trustees for Public Affairs.


“Continuing Education Expense” shall mean all funds advanced for: (1) tuition; (2) room and board; (3) books and other educational materials; (4) testing, application, registration, certification or similar fees; and (5) mileage and other out of pocket expenses of the employee related to the class, training or certification in question.



SECTION 6.  Overtime; Compensatory Time.


(A)     Daily and weekly work schedules for all employees except for the Water and Sewer Departments shall be at the direction of the Mayor and Council.  The Assistant Water and Sewer Plant Operator shall work from 7:00 a.m. to 3:30 p.m., with a half-hour lunch.  The Superintendent of the Water and Sewer Plant may adjust said work hours in his discretion.  The Superintendent of the Water and Sewer Plant shall work eight (8) hours per day and shall have the discretion to set said hours.  Work schedules for the Water and Sewer Department employees shall be at the direction of the Board of Trustees for Public Affairs.  In the event any employee of the Village works hours in excess of eight hours in one day, the employee may choose to receive overtime pay at a rate of one and one-half (12) times the employees current hourly rate, or compensatory time off.  Compensatory time shall not accumulate in excess of six (6) weeks but may be carried over from year to year.  No employee shall work additional or overtime hours, meaning hours in excess of those regularly scheduled, without the consent of the Mayor, or the consent of the Board of Trustees for Public Affairs in the case of Water and Sewer Department employees.  The Mayor or the Board of Trustees for Public Affairs shall provide written notice to the Fiscal Officer as to the amount of authorized overtime to be paid.


(B)          Hours used toward sick or vacation time during the work week, as defined in Section 2, shall not count as regularly scheduled hours for the purpose of computing overtime or compensatory time for said work week.  Compensatory time earned during the bi-weekly pay period shall not be utilized during the same period in which it was earned.


SECTION 7.  Probationary Status.


All new employees shall work a ninety (90) day probationary period, at the end of which period the Mayor shall recommend to Council whether or not Council should grant permanent appointment.  The Board of Trustees for Public Affairs in the case of Water and Sewer Employees, shall make the determination as to whether to grant permanent appointment.  Pay increases shall not be given during the probationary period.  The granting of permanent status at the end of the probationary period shall not be considered a contract of employment, either for a particular duration or under particular terms and conditions.  All employees of the Village shall be considered "at will" employees unless a written employment contract is approved by resolution of Council and executed by the Mayor and Village Fiscal Officer or unless specifically otherwise provided by statute.


SECTION 8.  The purpose of this Ordinance is to set forth in a single act of Council the employment policies of the Village.  Any prior inconsistent act of this Council is hereby repealed.  This Ordinance shall not affect contract services unless specifically set forth herein.

SECTION 9.  This Ordinance is hereby declared to be an emergency measure necessary for the immediate preservation of the public peace, health and safety for the reason that the action herein incorporates pay for positions required to ensure continued services to Village residents; therefore, this Ordinance shall take immediate effect upon its passage.