May 16th, 2016

Recital of the Pledge: The meeting was called to order by Mayor Denny Hahn, Present were Council members Rick Allison, Cindy Miller, Lisa Kauffman, Gary Wagers and Pat Mishler. Tim Carter was absent.

Also present was Street Commissioner Brian Rippeth, Susan Schupp and Robin Townsend of Aspen Energy.

Reading of the previous meeting minutes from May 2nd approved with a motion by Pat Mishler; Cindy Miller second. All others approved.

Download a PDF copy of the Council Minutes.

Citizen’s Comments / Visitors

Susan Schupp and Robin Townsend, Energy Consultants from Aspen Energy were present to discuss gas aggregation with the Council. The way gas aggregation works is that you can have a fixed rate or a discounted rate by combining the usage of all residents. There are no termination fees which means residents can switch at any time. Residents can keep budget billing if they prefer that method of payment. Gas aggregation must be put on the ballot. Once it is passed it never has to go to the ballot again. Aspen will do all the marketing and will help with town meetings or whatever the Village needs to educate the residents on this issue. This also applies to electric. Electric is a fixed rate and must also go on the ballot. Gas and electric can go on the ballot at the same time. Aspen Energy has an outlined ordinance we can use and it will require three readings to be able to put these items on the ballot which will have to go to the Board of Elections by the 10th of August.

A motion to proceed with the aggregation was given by Rick Allison; second by Gary Wagers. All others approved.

Old Business

Street Commissioner Brian Rippeth reported that called about the signs for the industrial park on Straits Lane and it would be $150.00 so he went ahead and ordered them.

Fiscal Officer reminded the Council that it was time to think about the tax budget for 2017 that will need to be started as it will be due mid-July. The County Auditor remind the Fiscal Officer that a large carryover of funds is frowned upon. So included needs to be some of the upcoming projects that the Village would like to do.

Susan from Aspen Energy will attend the May 16th meeting to go over the details of implementing gas aggregation in the Village.

The Mayor Denny Hahn spoke with Max Miller at Miller, Mast, Mason and Bowling and he is fine with Julie Dreher becoming our solicitor. Miller, Mast, Mason and Bowling were being paid $150.00 an hour under their contract which runs until 2017. Max Miller agreed to sign terminate and Julie Dreher will be contracted from May 20th, 2016 to May 20th, 2018 at $150.00 per hour.

Ordinances & Resolutions

2016-01 Resolution Tax Budget 2017

1st reading

2016-02 Resolution Contract with Julie Dreher to become village solicitor pending clause that current village documents with Miller, Mast, Mason and Bowling remain with them and that if Julie as solicitor needs access it will be given. Also if Julie no longer is village solicitor, her records on behalf of the village go to Miller, Mast, Mason and Bowling.

A motion to waive the three readings was given by Rick Allison; second by Pat Mishler. All others approved.

A motion to accept Resolution 2016-02 pending above clause, the termination of the contract, new contract and the resolution was given by Rick Allison; second by Cindy Miller. All others approved.

2016-03 Salt Contract for 2016-2017 winter of 40 tons.

A motion to waive the three readings was given by Lisa Kauffman; second by Gary Wagers. All others approved.

A motion to accept was given by Rick Allison; second by Lisa Kauffman. All others approved.

Village Committees


New Business

A resident requested that signs that state "Children at Play" be placed in the alleys.

Shreiner’s was sold to Crow Works. Crow Works will keep their current place in the industrial park but will expand and use both sites.


A power broom is needed at the park to remove the lip that forms on the ball field when it rains. Rick Allison received a quote from Charm Equipment with 22% off for a cost of 399.99. The Little League gave the park a donation of $200.00 to cover half the cost of the power broom. A motion to accept the donation was given by Rick Allison; second by Pat Mishler. All others approved.

A motion to purchase the power broom was given by Pat Mishler; second by Gary Wagers. All others approved.

Rick Allison also reported that the Little League is going strong and the security light has been moved to the same pole as the siren. The old poles will need to be removed when they can get into the corn fields which will probably be in the fall as corn has already been planted for this year.



Street Commissioner

Street Commissioner Brian Rippeth reported that there are serval places that need letters sent about following the mowing ordinance. The property that was owned by Frank Arnold on North Water Street and Duncan Theater are two that need mowed.

The mosquito sprayer will go for testing on May 25th.

The salt contract for the winter salt is for 40 tons.

Brian reported that the annual cleanup went well except that Kimble removed the dumpsters from the park on Sunday and the dumpsters where to be there until Monday. The mess that is usually surrounding the dumpsters was not bad except for some pine tree branches that was left behind the dumpsters.



Executive Session





A motion for adjournment was made by Gary Wagers; second by Pat Mishler. All others approved. The next council meeting will be Monday June 6th, 2016 at 7:00 p.m. at the Village Hall.