June 20th, 2016

Recital of the Pledge: The meeting was called to order by Mayor Denny Hahn, Present were Council members Rick Allison, Gary Wagers, Lisa Kauffman, Tim Carter, Cindy Miller and Pat Mishler. Fiscal Officer Nyla Burick was absent

Reading of the previous meeting minutes from June 6th with a motion by Pat to approve. Lisa seconded with all others approving and Tim abstaining.

Also present was Street Commissioner Brian Rippeth, Solicitor Julie Dreher

Download a PDF copy of the Council Minutes.

Citizen’s Comments / Visitors

No Visitors

Old Business

The Mayor has a list together for the Solicitor regarding properties in Ordinance violations.

Ordinances & Resolutions

We had the final reading of Resolution 2016-01 (Village 2017 Budget), Rick made a motion to accept and Pat seconded with all others approving.

Had a second reading of Ordinance 2016-05 (Gas Aggregation)

Village Committees

New Business

New Point Church is looking for projects to be done in the village on 7/31/2016, if any projects come up the village should contact Dave Tennant.


The Park is required to have a tested Manager 2 for the concession stand at the Park, Rick is willing to attend the classes 7/11 & 7/12 with testing on 7/18. Gary made a motion for Rick to attend and Cindy seconded with all others approving.

Rick asked if Kimble might give the Park 8 more totes for trash at the park, they currently have 2 and 8 more would replace all the current barrels, the Mayor will e-mail Kimble.

The park has been contacted by a local softball team to have an all night round robin tournament on 7/8.


Street Commissioner

Brian informed council that he now has a summer help employee that is being paid through the County, The young man’s name is Gavin Sheldon


Executive Session



A motion was made by Tim and seconded by Pat for adjournment with all other approving. The next council meeting will be Tuesday July 5th, 2016 at 7:00 p.m.