July 5th, 2016

Recital of the Pledge: The meeting was called to order by Mayor Denny Hahn, Present were Council members Rick Allison, Cindy Miller, Tim Carter, Gary Wagers and Pat Mishler. Council Member Lisa Kauffman was absent.

Reading of the previous meeting minutes from June 20th was approved with corrections with a motion from Tim Carter; seconded by Pat Mishler. All others approved.

Also present was Street Commissioner Brian Rippeth and Solicitor Julie Dreher.

Citizen’s Comments / Visitors

No Visitors

Old Business

Solicitor Julie Dreher reported that the Adrian Property Annexation was filed and the filing and recording fees will be paid by them. The Zoning and Planning Commissions for the Village will need to be updated because they will need to rezone this property.

Mayor Denny Hahn supplied the Council and the Solicitor with a list of properties that have been found in violation of the Village Ordinances on upkeep. They will need to be reviewed and if still in violation will need to be addressed by the Solicitor. If the Council knows of any other property that is not listed that the Council feels is in violation please email the Mayor.

Ordinances & Resolutions

Ordinance 2016-05 Gas Aggregation to be placed on the November ballot

3rd and final reading was given

A motion to accept Ordinance 2016-05 was given by Tim Carter; second by Pat Mishler. All others approved.

Village Committees


New Business

AEP sent the Village a request for a right of way easement at the park. Solicitor Julie Dreher will review and if it is acceptable will have the Mayor sign and submit.

Street Commissioner Brian Rippeth reported that the bid opening for the street project was June 28th at the Village Hall. The cost of the project is $300,000. Melway paving submitted a bid for $291,739.50 for the paving. The village received a grant from OWPC for $245,250. This leaves $46,489.50 for the village to pay. The work will start August 1st. Solicitor Julie Dreher will review and if approved will be accepted with a motion from Rick Allison; second by Tim Carter. All others approved.

Fiscal Officer Nyla Burick submitted her resignation effective August 31st, 2016 with the notation that if needed she would be willing to help through September 30th, 2016.

A motion to accept her resignation was given by Cindy Miller; seconded by Gary Wagers. All others approved.

There will be a special meeting on Monday July 11th, 2016 with Council and the BPA to address this issue.


Painting at the park was done by community workers.

Little league is over and there are 7 to 8 teams for the fall league this year. Deadline for the fall league is July 13th and it starts July 27th.

Rick Allison will attended the training for the food license requirement.



Street Commissioner

Street Commissioner Brian Rippeth reported that the Health District contacted him requesting to put larva side in the catch basin as the state would like to see if there are any zika virus mosquitos in the area. This is at no cost to the village.

Brian also reported the start of painting the curbs and crosswalks in the village.


Executive Session


A motion to pay bills was given by Tim Carter; second by Pat Mishler. All others approved.


A motion to adjourn was made by Gary Wagers; second by Tim Carter. All others approved. The next council meeting will be Monday July 18th, 2016 at 7:00 p.m. at the Village Hall.