July 18th, 2016

Recital of the Pledge: The meeting was called to order by Mayor Denny Hahn, Present were Council members Rick Allison, Cindy Miller, Lisa Kauffman, Tim Carter, Gary Wagers and Pat Mishler.

Reading of the previous meeting minutes from July 5th was approved with corrections with a motion from Tim Carter; seconded by Pat Mishler. Lisa Kauffman abstained. All others approved.

Also present was Street Commissioner Brian Rippeth, BPA President Don Hughes and ten to twenty village residents.

Citizen’s Comments / Visitors

Ten to twenty residents were present to express their concerns about the new water and sewer billing. The bills that went out and are due July 20th are the first under the actual usage system instead of the flat $72.00 per month that was being used. Under the new system residents are being billed for actual usage at the rate of $52.00 for the first 2000 gallons of water/sewer and then 1.35 per hundred gallons after that. For the month of the changeover, the actual usage was used and an adjustment was given as either a debit or a credit based on if the resident used more or less than $72.00 of water based on the new rates. Unfortunately the adjustment did not print on the bills that went out so when the residents looked at their bill it showed the current charge and usage but not the adjustment or balance forward.

The Mayor, Denny Hahn went over the adjustment that was done and BPA President Don Hughes explained that the change in rate structure was needed due to the cost of the big projects that have been completed for the water and sewer plants and that the old system was unfair due to the fact that a single person was paying the same amount for very little water/sewer usage while a family of eight was paying the same amount as the single person. Also change was required if the Village was going to receive any grant funding for projects. So RCAP was called in to do a rate study. They came back with three different proposal and the BPA decided to use the middle option. This option allows for each household or business to pay for what they use and in that way have some control over what their water/sewer bill will be.

Some residents inquired if there was anything for low income reduction and there is not.

Also discussed was the issued that the bills, by ordinance, are sent to the property owner and not the property resident. The property resident wanted a copy sent to them and unfortunately that is not allowed. It is up to the owner to give them a copy of the bill.

Old Business

Mayor Denny Hahn reported that the Village Solicitor Julie Dreher is on vacation but before she left she sent out letters to some of the properties that have been found in violation of the Village Ordinances on upkeep. The rest will be sent upon her return. If the Council knows of any other property that is not listed that the Council feels is in violation please email the Mayor.

Ordinances & Resolutions


Village Committees


New Business

Council Member Lisa Kauffman reported that she was contacted about adding some additional street lights at the end of School Street and Mark Avenue and between Mark Avenue and Allison Avenue. After some discussion it was decided that no additional lights will be added but that residents can install their own security lights and have their trees trimmed if that is blocking the existing street lights. Residents should call AEP and see who is responsible for the trimming of trees that have AEP wires running through them. Street Commissioner Brian Rippeth will also call AEP to see who is responsible for tree trimming.


Park Board Members are needed.

Fall League will start July 27th.

Council Member Rick Allison took the test for the commercial food license that is required for the concession stand at the park. He should know in a week or so if he passed the test.


Mayor Denny Hahn reported that there is a resident at the trailer park that Dick Fowler owns that has found out that it is not in the village. This resident would like a refund of the income tax that has been paid by them. Fiscal Officer Nyla Burick will contact Dick Fowler for the address of the resident and then report the issue to RITA.

Also the some members of the Council are interested in the cost of the state accounting software for the Village. Fiscal Officer Nyla Burick will check into what the cost would be for the Village.

Street Commissioner

Street Commissioner Brian Rippeth reported that the Health District put larva side in the catch basins as the state would like to see if there are any zika virus mosquitos in the area. This is at no cost to the village.

Also reported it that the catch basin by the corner at the post office is in need of replacing and Brian ordered one made from Rick Hawkins.

Brian also reported the painting the curbs and crosswalks in the village is complete. The Mayor inquired about the curb/sidewalk near Greg Glassford’s house at the north end of Main Street be looked at. Brian reported that he has filled it with bricks and what needs done is to take it up and then reframe and cement it. A motion to give Brian permission to fix the curb/sidewalk was given by Lisa Kauffman; second by Tim Carter. All others approved.

There will be a pre-construction meeting at the Village Hall on July 25th at 10:00 a.m.

Brian also reported that there was a complaint about chickens in the village on upper railroad street. The Mayor requested that the fiscal officer send out a letter to the resident informing them that chickens are not allowed in the village. Brian will get the address that the letter should be sent to.



Executive Session





A motion to adjourn was made by Pat Wagers; second by Cindy Miller. All others approved. The next council meeting will be Monday August 1st, 2016 at 7:00 p.m. at the Village Hall.