The village of Killbuck BPA met in regular session commencing at 6:07 PM with members present, Darryl Miller, Troy Majzer

Also present Mike Judson, Rick Allison and Linda Campbell

Guest Abbie Allison

Darryl Miller made a motion to approve the previous minutes, Troy Majzer  seconded, motion carried

Darryl Miller made a motion to approve customer balances, accounts payable, timesheets, financials and adjustments, Troy Majzer seconded,  motion carried

Water Superintendent Report

Mike informed the Board that we need a new flow meter.  After some discussion Darryl Miller made a motion to approve the purchase in the amount of 6,000.00 Troy Majzer seconded

The Mayor inquired about the EPA staffing requirements for our water and sewer plants.  Mike stated that he was not sure but would inquire

Darryl Miller  made a motion to adjourn at 6:22 PM, Troy Majzer seconded, motion carried

The next meeting is April 26, 2023